Friendship Cup 2017

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BAC Aidan Donnelly presents Martin Dynes with the Friendship Cup for 2017 – Seaghan Dam 16 September 2017

On Saturday 16 September 2017 Armagh Angling Club hosted Banbridge Angling Club at Seagahan Dam in the 2nd leg of the 2017 Friendship Cup. As always the Armagh Club gave the Banbridge team a warm welcome. The conditions were wet, cold and windy and at times it was real endurance fishing. Aidan Donnelly, Armagh was quickly into a nice fish, shortly followed by Martin Dynes, Banbridge. Paul Houlahan, and Sergey Nuzarov bagged a couple of fish for Armagh with Adrian McAnarney and Roger McClements replying with a couple of fish for Banbridge. Martin Dynes and Adrian McAnarney bagged up with another brace of nice fish each for Banbridge while Paul Houlahan and Sergey Nuzarov also bagged up for Armagh. Colin Crothers, Trevor Jones, Andrew Rowan and Wilson Clinghan added further fish to the Banbridge total. Aidan Donnelly added another fish to his tally giving him a lovely brace of trout for Armagh. Cathal Doyle, Armagh landed a lovely fish at just over 2lbs however, he also got absolutely smashed on a big rainbow that could well have been in double figures. Paul McKillen and Steven Brooks added fish to the Armagh total. At this stage the competition was way too close to call between the two teams. Then Sam Grant, Banbridge connected with an absolutely cracking fish which hit the scales at 7lbs 13ozs and made all the difference. At the weigh-in the Armagh Club had a total weight of 9.502 kilos. The Banbridge Club had a total weight of 9.932 kilos giving them victory in the 2nd leg. This also ensured that Banbridge Angling Club retained the Friendship Cup in 2017. Visiting and occasional anglers can purchase day tickets for Seagahan Dam from Armagh Angling Club. For full details see the Armagh Angling Club’s website

Individual Results

Armagh Angling Club  

Top Rod – Paul Houlahan

Heaviest Fish – Glenn Simmons

Banbridge Angling Club

Top Rod – Martin Dynes

Heaviest Fish – Sam Grant