Brown Trout Project

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BAC Adrian McAnarney stocking fingerling Brown Trout at Corbet Lough on 11 April 2018

On Wednesday 11 April 2018 there was a further stocking at Corbet Lough. In addition to some great big Rainbows the Club also stocked some lovely small Brown Trout. The Brown Trout is an iconic fish species throughout the world and the Club decided to reintroduce small Brown Trout to Corbet. Committee Members Adrian McAnarney, Roger McClements and David McCullough carried out the stocking. The Brown Trout were about 5-6 inches and in great condition with some beautiful markings. Adrian and Roger have confirmed that the stocking went very well. It is hoped that these fish can grow to about 1lb before the end of the season. If these fish are given a chance they should enhance the Corbet’s reputation and provide some great sport over the next few seasons. The photograph shows a net full of brownies ready for being stocked into the Corbet.  Please Remember – ALL BROWN TROUT MUST BE RETURNED ALIVE TO THE LOUGH