Fishing Report – May 2018

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BAC Junior Anglers at the Percy Trophy competition at Corbet Lough on Saturday 5 May 2018

The month of May is traditionally one of the best fishing months in the season. The Corbet Lough fish are top quality and the fishing has been fantastic over the past few weeks with both boat and bank anglers enjoying some great sport. On Wednesday 2 May Adrian McAnarney was out for an evening’s pleasure fishing at Corbet and he had fourteen good fish on the fly up to dusk. On Thursday 3 May William Cochrane was out for his weekly boat session on the Corbet and he had five nice fish to the boat. On Saturday 5 May the Club’s junior anglers (under 13 years) fished at Corbet Lough for the Percy Trophy. Adam Morrow won the Percy Trophy with a great bag of fish weighing 4lbs 3ozs. His best fish was a beautiful Rainbow of 2lbs 12ozs. The runner-up was Niall Tumelty with a bag of fish weighing just over 4lbs. Well fished boys, some great fish. On 5 May Andy Holden and Sam Watt took a few hours boat fishing and they had some great sport with twenty eight fish, up to about 3lbs 8ozs, to the boat. They also hooked and lost a number of other good fish. On Mayday 7 May there was a big turn out of anglers at the Corbet. The Club’s competition anglers were fishing for the Jos Willis Cup (Adults) and the Jos Willis Cup (Juveniles). Although the fishing was hard during the day due to the very bright conditions some anglers, including Henry McKnight, Colin Crothers and Noel Burns, still caught some very good fish. In the early evening when the sun went down a bit the fish really came on and many anglers including Roger McClements, Geoff Hylands and Patrick Curran started catching fish after fish. At the weigh-in Colin Crothers won the Jos Willis Cup (Adults) with two very good fish. Dessie Graham was 2nd and Noel Burns was 3rd. Imogen Johnston won the Jos Willis Cup (Juveniles) with a really nice fish. The boat anglers who were out on the Lough during the evening were also regularly into fish. On Thursday 10 May the Lough fished really well. Stevie Rea and Roger Armstrong had over thirty fish to the boat. Sam Watt had over twenty fish to the boat. William Cochrane and Stephen Henry had six fish to the boat. On Friday 11 May Damian Murtagh and Geoff Hylands were out for an evening session and they had twenty eight fish to the boat. I didn’t hear the fish count between Damian and Geoff but Damian confimed that the World Cup winner was beat again. Seamus Doyle was out spinning at the Lough on Friday 11 May and he had four nice fish. Seamus also hooked and lost a number of other good fish. On 12 May the Club’s junior anglers (under 13 years) fished for the Bill Gault Glazing Cup. The bright conditions didn’t stop the junior anglers from catching some good fish. Niall Tumelty won the Bill Gault Glazing Cup with two big Rainbows weighing 3.858lbs, Ellie Carson was 2nd with two good Rainbows weighing 3.77lbs and Adam Morrow was 3rd with the biggest fish weighing 2.345lbs. There was also a good turn out of pleasure anglers at the Corbet. Denis Lucas and Gary Moore had sixteen fish to the boat. Raymond Cherry and Wesley Beattie from Lisburn had eight fish to the boat. Roger McClements also had eight fish up to 4lbs to the boat. Dessie Graham had seven fish up to about 3lbs 8ozs to the boat and he was also broken by a cracking fish. On Monday 14 May the conditions at the Corbet were very good with nice cloud cover and a gentle southerly breeze. There was a great turn out of boat anglers and they all enjoyed some great sport. The top rods during the day were Roger Armstrong with fifteen fish to the boat and Joe McCandless with twelve fish to the boat. Joe took most of his fish on the Green Pea. On Saturday 19 May Banbridge Angling Club and The Black Pennells Angling Club competed in their annual competition at Corbet Lough for The Corbet Lough Challenge Cup. The conditions were very bright however this did not overly spoil the fishing. The morning session kicked off at 10:00am and both teams were soon into fish. When the boats came in at 1:00pm for lunch The Black Pennells were definitely ahead. In the afternoon session the Banbridge team started pegging back the deficit however the clock beat them. When the competition ended at 4:00pm and the cards were tallied up The Black Pennells were the winners of The Corbet Lough Challenge Cup by a margin of seventy three fish to thirty seven fish. The honour of top boat went to John Brown of The Black Pennells and Roger McClements of Banbridge Angling Club with thirty one fish. Both anglers received a fly box each sponsored by James Coburn & Sons, Banbridge. Marty Allen, The Black Pennells was the top rod of the day with twenty one fish. Roger McClements was Banbridge Angling Club’s top rod with thirteen fish. The Black Pennell Angling Club passed on their thanks to the Banbridge team for the warm welcome that was shown to them. They also praised the Club for the quality of great fighting fish in the Corbet. On Tuesday 22 May Darrell McKinley was fishing from the bank during the evening up to dusk. He had eight nice fish on a cormorant fly and he also hooked and lost a number of other fish. Kevin Wilson was also out for a few hours early in the evening and he had a good fish on the fly. Adrian Magowan was bait fishing and he had a couple of nice fish. On Thursday 24 May William Cochrane and Stephen Henry took their weekly boat session and they had some great sport with twelve fish to the boat. Darrell McKinley and Stephen Rea took an evening boat session of Friday 25 May and they had over twenty fish to the boat. On Saturday 26 May The Silver Butchers Angling Club held their annual outing on Corbet Lough. They enjoyed some great fishing with some boats recording over thirty fish to the boat. On the same day the Club’s competition anglers also fished at Corbet Lough for the Dominic Downey Cup (Adults) and the Paddy Downey Cup (Juveniles). There was a good turn out of anglers and there was some great catches. Malachy McAleenan won the Dominic Downey Cup with a great bag of fish weighing 5lbs 8ozs. Derek Curran was 2nd and Martin Dynes was 3rd. Sam Curran won the Paddy Downey Cup with a good bag of fish weighing 3lbs 9ozs with Patrick Curran 2nd. On Bank Holiday Monday 28 May boat and bank anglers enjoyed some great fishing. In the morning Stephen and Matthew Henry enjoyed a very good boat session, Stephen had eight nice fish and Matthew had a brace to the boat. In the afternoon Darrell Alexander had five nice to the boat on Damsels. In the evening both boat and bank anglers had some fantastic fishing on the fly.