Friendship Cup 2019 at Lowry’s Lake, Armagh

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BAC Friendship Cup Lowry’s Lake, Armagh on 13 April 2019 – Banbridge Angling Club team

On Saturday the 13th of April 2019 Armagh Angling Club hosted the first leg of the Friendship Cup 2019 competition at Lowry’s Lake, Armagh against Banbridge Angling Club.  It was a blustery day and the strong winds confined the fishing to two areas of the lake. Although the fishing was slow in the morning the action soon started. The first 2 fish of the day were taken by Leonard Ervine, Banbridge. These were a fantastic brace of fish with a combined weight of 16.750lb. Paul McKillen, Armagh took a good fish a short time later. Then as the day went on more fish were being caught. Sam Grant, Banbridge caught a great Rainbow of over 7lbs. Glen Simmons, Armagh took a beautiful Rainbow of over 4lbs. At the weigh in it was Banbridge Angling Club 42.130lb and Armagh Angling Club 12.103 lb. The Banbridge team would like to thank Armagh for their generous hospitality, refeshments and the tour around their fish Hatchery.  The Banbridge team selected by Damian Murtagh, Manager was Roger McClements, Sam Grant, Wilson Clinghan, Milne Jones, Trevor Jones, Malachy McAleenan, Dessie Graham, Jim Warren, Leonard Ervine and Paul McKinstry. Armagh Angling Club sell Day Tickets for Lowry’s Lake through Procast Angling, Dobbin Street, Armagh.