Fishing Report – May 2019

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BAC – The Black Pennels at Corbet Lough on 2 May 2019

The Corbet Lough is continuing to fish very well. On Thursday 2 May The Black Pennels had an outing at the Corbet Lough and they had a cracking day’s fishing from both the boats and the shore. They were all fishing catch and release and they had a total of 239 fish on the day. On Friday 3 May the weather turned cold and the fishing slowed down a bit. However Lance McCarthy and Matt Shields still had a great session with 20 fish to the boat. Aidan Lavery and Eddie Harris had good sport with 7 nice fish to the boat. Tom King and Gerard Lyness also had a good session with 6 nice fish to the boat. On Saturday 4 May the weather was still cold with a north west wind blowing down the Lough. Although fewer fish were caught anglers caught some cracking fish. Darryl Alexander was fishing from the shore and he had 7 nice fish to the net. He also hooked and lost another 7 fish. Roger McClements was also fishing from the shore in the afternoon and he had 8 fish with the best fish just over 4lbs. Gary Chivers and Ciaran Hamill were out for a boat fishing session and they had fish up to 4lbs. Eddie Harris and Aidan Lavery were also out and they had 8 fish to the boat. On Monday 6 May there was a good turn out at the Corbet Lough for the Mayday competition for the Jos Willis Cups. In the adult category the former World Cup winner Geoff Hylands had a great competition catching a fantastic brace of Rainbows weighing 6.6lbs. This was enough to see him home in 1st place and take the Jos Willis Cup (Adults). Wilson Clinghan was 2nd with another great brace of Rainbows for just over 6lbs. Darryl Alexander was in 3rd place with a good bag of fish weighing just over 5lbs. In the Juvenile category Sam Curran won the Jos Willis Cup (Juveniles) with a great bag of fish weighing 4.175lbs. Imogen Johnston was in 2nd place with a good bag of fish weighing over 3 lbs and Patrick Curran was 3rd with a nice catch weighing over 2lbs. The next competitions are at Corbet Lough on Saturday 25 May. The adults will be competing for the Dominic Downey Cup, the juveniles will be fishing for the Paddy Downey Cup and the juniors (under 13 years) will be fishing for the Bill Gault Glazing Cup. On Thursday 9 May Gerard Lyness and Tom King had a great day’s fishing at the Corbet with 17 fish to the boat. Matt Shields and Lance McCarthy also had a great boat session with 9 fish between them. On Friday 10 May Stevie Rea had great sport with 12 fish to the boat. On Monday 13 May Geoff Hylands and Leonard Ervine enjoyed a great session with 10 fish to the boat. Joe McCandless and Bill McCarrison also enjoyed great fishing with 6 good fish to the boat. On Thursday 16 May William Cochrane and his boat partner enjoyed some good fishing with 8 nice fish between them. On Saturday 18 May Banbridge Angling Club and The Black Pennels Fly Fishing Club competed for The Corbet Challenge 2019 at Corbet Lough. This was a boat fishing competition with six members in each team. The format was catch and release, with each fish to the net counting as a point. In challenging and changing conditions The Black Pennel’s caught 45 fish to Banbridge’s 26 fish. Best boat was Banbridge’s Stephen Clarke and The Black Pennel’s Paul Douglas who caught 18 fish between them. Congratulations to The Black Pennel’s on winning the day. It was a great days craic, good fishing and friendships renewed. On Saturday 25 May the Club’s competition anglers fished for the Dominic Downey Cup (Adults) and the Paddy Downey Cup (Juveniles) at Corbet Lough. There was another good turn out of anglers and there was some great bags of fish at the weigh-in. Patrick Curran won the Paddy Downey Cup with a fantastic brace of fish weighing 6.115lbs with Imogen Jognston in 2nd place with a nice bag of fishing weighing 2.574lbs. In the Adult category Henry McKnight won the Dominic Downey Cup with a great brace of fish weighing 5.921lbs. Sam Grant was 2nd with a good bag of fish weighing 5.736lbs with Keith Gibson in 3rd place with a another good bag of fish weighing 4.916lbs. The next competition is the adult only competition on Lough Melvin on Saturday 1st June. Anglers wishing to fish in this competition should contact the Competition Secretary for details. On Saturday 25 May The Silver Butchers were on the Corbet Lough for an annual boat outing. Most of the anglers had a great day’s sport. Gerard Lyness, a regular angler on the Corbet, had eleven fish to the boat. Eddie Harris, who is also a regular visitor to the Corbet, caught two cracking fish and then just enjoyed the rest of the day ghilling his boat partner Aidan Lavery. On Bank Holiday Monday 27 May the weather changed with a nip in the air and blustery conditions. However the Lough was busy with all the boats out for most of the day and the anglers enjoyed some great sport. Ken Murphy and Melvin Percy had a great session with 20 fish up to 3lbs between them to the boat. Derick Curran and his son Sam also had a fantastic session with 19 fish between them to the boat. Alan Hanna and Bill Trimble had 12 nice fish to the boat. Brian McConville was fishing from the shore and he caught a cracking Rainbow of 4lbs 8ozs on a bloodworm. On Thursday 30 May Henry McKnight caught a really good fish. On Friday 31 May Matt Shields and Lance McCarthy had a great boat session. They fished the ‘washing line’ set up and had 20 fish up to 4lbs to the boat.