Fly-Tying Class 2019/20

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BAC Fly-Tying Class 2017 2018

The Banbridge Angling Club’s fly-tying class 2019/20 commences on Thursday 7 November 2019. The classes will be held each Thursday evening from 7:00pm – 9:00pm at the Clubrooms, 2a Kiln Lane, Havelock Park, Lurgan Road, Banbridge, BT32 4PD. The class is taken by a number of the Club’s experienced and most competent fly-tyers including Keith Cole, William Cochrane, David McCreedy, Stephen Rea, Stephen Clarke and Damian Murtagh. The class is designed for all ages and all abilities from the novice right through to the more experienced fly-tyer. The tying vices, hooks and all the materials you need to create that special fly will be provided. The class covers all aspects of fly-tying and can also extend to cover a diverse range of angling issues including entomology, angling safety and tackle care. In addition to learning a new skill there are also the social and health benefits of getting out of the house and meeting with other fly-tyers. There will also be a number of special evenings with some of the best local fly dressers throughout the Programme. There is a nominal entry donation of £3 per fly-tying adult and £1 per non fly-tying adult to each of the fly-tying classes. There is no charge for juveniles under 18 years of age. Everyone is welcome. The entry donation is used towards the cost of the tying equipment and the materials. For further information please see the ‘Fly Tying Class’ page on this website.