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Getting us fishing safely again

Working in partnership with The Ulster Angling Federation the ABC Council and other stakeholders across the angling community, we have set out in a document ‘Preparing for Reopening of Angling at Corbet Lough’ some clear guidance for our members on how to safely return to angling. The document may be viewed on the Club’s Facebook Page and this Website. On this Website it is on the Publications page. Go to News – Publications. It is recommended that Club members familiarise themselves with this guidance.

We confirm that ABC Council has advised us that in light of Minister Poots decision to keep carparks at fisheries closed until 27th May the Council members have also decided to apply the same stipulation to the Corbet Lough carpark.

With this decision taking precedence angling therefore CANNOT take place until 27th May at the earliest at Corbet Lough as parking on the main Castlewellan Road will not be permitted by the PSNI in the interests of Public safety and as I am sure you will appreciate walking to Corbet Lough is not an option for most of our members.

Please remember that we all have a responsibility to act as ambassadors for angling. If we fish safely we will continue to support the national effort to combat COVID-19 transmission while being able to enjoy our wonderful sport.

We feel that it is important that once angling is resumed that best practice is followed in line with the advice and guidance set out in the document.

We would point out that to fish club waters membership must have been renewed and paid in full and the additional obligation for all freshwater anglers to hold a valid rod license. Beyond these we hope that this sensible and practical advice, which is being employed by many other clubs and fisheries across the country, will be applied by everyone to ensure the return to fishing that we have all worked so hard to secure, is safe and allowed to continue.

Keep safe and tight lines.

The Directors