Fishing Report – March 2017

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BAC Bobby Blakley Cup 4 March 2017 – Roger McClements 1st Brown Trout 5lbs 8ozs, Henry McKnight 2nd Rainbow Trout 4lbs 9ozs and Keith Gibson 3rd Rainbow Trout 2lbs

On Saturday 4 March the weather and fishing conditions were slightly better than over the previous couple of days and there was a good turn out of anglers at the Cobet Lough. In addition to the pleasure anglers at the Lough a number of anglers were competing for the Bobby Blakley Cup and the McComb Cup. Although the fishing was challenging there were some great fish taken on the fly. Roger McClements won the Bobby Blakley Cup with a big Brown Trout of 5lbs 8ozs. It was a beautifully marked fish with big, big spots, broad shoulders and a large tail. Henry McKnight was second with an equally beautiful big overwintered Rainbow of 4lbs 9ozs. Keith Gibson was third with a good Rainbow of 2lbs. Keith caught four good fish on the fly. Juvenile angler Liam Campbell won the McComb Cup with a nice Rainbow Trout of just under 1lb 8ozs. I also understand that Tony Kelly, Lurgan who was pleasure fishing had a great Rainbow Trout which other anglers reckoned was about 3lbs. In addition a number of other anglers took fish of around 1lb 8ozs on both the fly and the spinner. The above photograph is of Roger McClements 1st, Henry McKnight 2nd and Keith Gibson 3rd in the Bobby Blakley Cup at Corbet Lough on 4 March. Wilson Clinghan was on the Lough for a few hours pleasure fishing on Thursday 9 March. He took a great Rainbow of 3lbs on the spinner. On Friday 10 March Stephen and Andrew Rea took some good fish on the fly. On Saturday 11 March the weather was mild with a bit more heat in the air. In the early afternoon there were a few buzzers in the air at Corbet Lough. The conditions were also good with a nice gentle ripple covering most of the Lough. There was a good turn out of anglers enjoying the nice weather, countryside and a bit of fishing. Tony Kelly had a nice Rainbow and a few other anglers were catching along the Banbridge shore of the Lough. The Club held its AIB Cup competition on the River Bann on Saturday 18 March. There was a good turn out of anglers. Although anglers caught plenty of fish it was hard to get a good fish for the weigh-in. At the end of the day Colin Crothers won the Cup with a nice wild Brown Trout of about 13 inches. Roger McClements continued with his good form in competitions by taking 2nd place and Noel Burns was 3rd. On Friday 24 March the weather turned a bit milder again and the fishing conditions at the Corbet Lough were good. There was a good turn out of anglers. Adrian McAnarney, Malachy McAleenan, Martin Dynes, Henry McKnight, Stevey McArdle and Stevie Rea all had good fish up to about 3lbs 8ozs on the fly. On Saturday 25 March the weather and fishing conditions at the Lough were still very good, Darrell McKinley was fishing in the morning and he had four nice fish on the fly. Wilfie Craig’s young grandson Luke had three nice Rainbows up to about 3lbs on a single hook spinner which Wilfie had made up for him. Martin Dynes, Adrian McAnarney, Roger McClements, Malachy McAleenan, Frank Kearney and Wilson Clinghan all enjoyed good fishing in the afternoon with fish up to 4lbs 8ozs on the fly. The Lough continued to fish very well throughout the remainder of the month with a number of anglers regularly taking fish over 4lbs. On Wednesday 29 March Geoff Hylands had a couple of fish on the fly with the best being a great Rainbow of over 5lbs.