Banbridge Angling Club Limited is a company limited by guarantee and complies with company legislation in Northern Ireland. The Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled prior to the end of January each year. The Club’s News Journal containing the AGM Agenda and the Club Officers’ Annual Reports is issued to Club members in advance of the meeting. The Club’s general rules are set at the AGM and these are stipulated in the Rules and Constitution booklet. The Club also sets the rules with regard to the River Bann, Corbet Lough and the Boat Angling facilities on Corbet Lough at its AGM. The River Bann and Corbet Lough Rules are set out in the Competition Sheet. The elected Committee may amend Rules and introduce new Rules to address arising situations. These Rules are subject to ratification at the next AGM. The Rules are applied by the Club’s volunteer Bailiffs, Officers and members on behalf of the Club. The Club has a Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures in place. Robert Weir is the Club’s Designated Safeguarding Officer and a number of Club volunteers have undertaken Safeguarding Awareness training. Robert is also the Club’s Data Protection Officer. The Club is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has a Data Protection Policy and a Privacy Notice in place. These documents can be viewed on the Publications page of this website.

The current Rules are as follows:

General Rules 2021

Anglers are strictly prohibited from selling fish caught on Club waters. The penalty for anyone breaking this rule will be expulsion from the Club. The Angler will retain the right to reapply for membership the next season. By order of the Committee.

River Bann Rules 2021

1. River Bann will open on 1st March.

2. Bag limit – The daily bag limit is two trout.

3. Minimum keepable trout size – 200mm (nose to fork of tail)

4. Maximum keepable trout size – 300mm (nose to fork of tail)

5. In August, September and October any trout greater than 450mm (nose to fork of tail) may be kept subject to the two fish bag limit.

6. No maggots or grub fishing.

7. No ground baiting.

8. Once an angler has caught and dispatched the bag limit of trout they must stop fishing.

9. It should be noted that the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs’ (DAERA) regulations apply.

10. The lighting of fires is prohibited.

11. Strictly no litter must be left along the river bank or where cars are parked.

12. Leave gates as you find them.

13. Anglers to note separate Competition Rules. These can be obtained from the Club’s Competition Secretary.

Note:- Banbridge Angling Club encourages all anglers fishing the River Bann to fish catch and release and use single barbless/debarbed hooks to help conserve the indigenous wild brown trout.

Corbet Lough Rules 2021

1. Lough will open on 1st March.

2. Fishing hours from March to May and September to October inclusive will be 8:00am to 11:00pm. June, July and August will be 8:00am to midnight. Anglers to be in the car parks outside of these times.

3. Methods will be orthodox fly fishing and spinning only. Maggot fishing or ground baiting strictly not permitted.

4. Worm fishing will begin on 1st July.

5. Anglers will be confined to one hook only when worm fishing. No droppers.

6. Two rods may be carried but one rod must be completely unassembled at the Lough – No reel mounted.

7. Rods unattended or left in charge of other anglers while assembled is strictly prohibited.

8. Spinning is permitted from the Newcastle side of the Lough only.

9. Bag Limit – Bag limit for all methods will be two Rainbow Trout.

10. Brown Trout – All Brown Trout caught must be carefully released regardless of angling method.

11. Fly Fishing – Fly Fishing will be catch and release. Anglers must stop fishing when they dispatch their second fish. All fish being released must be undamaged. Once bag limit is attained anglers must dismantle their rod and detach the reel.

12. Spinning – Spinning will be catch and release using baits with a single barbless hook or de-barbed hook. No treble or double hooks permitted. Anglers must stop fishing when they dispatch their second fish. All fish being released must be undamaged. Once bag limit is attained anglers must dismantle their rod and detach the reel.

13. Worm Fishing – All Brown Trout caught using worms must be released undamaged. All Rainbow Trout caught using worms must be dispatched. Two fish bag limit. Once bag limit is attained anglers must dismantle their rod and detach the reel.

14. Anglers must use front entrances only when entering or leaving the Lough.

15. The wearing of chest or waist waders is permitted, but anglers are prohibited from exceeding thigh wader level.

16. Lighting of fires is prohibited.

17. Strictly no litter must be left at the Lough, or where cars are parked. First offence under this rule will mean expulsion from the Club.

18. Any fish dispatched at the Corbet Lough must be kept by the angler for inspection and must not be given into the possession of anyone else whilst the angler is still at the Corbet Lough. This is to include the car park at the front of the Lough.

19. Net to be used for landing all fish.

20. The three stands on the Banbridge shore are for disabled anglers use only.

Note:- Worm fishing at Lough is confined to Club members or holders of concession day tickets from 1st July.

Note:- Corbet Lough Boat Rules apply.

Corbet Lough Boat Rules 2021

1. A maximum number of three persons per boat will be permitted. An adult can accompany two children between the ages of seven and 19, provided all are members of the Club. Only two of the three are permitted to fish at any time. No more than two adults per boat will be permitted.

2. At least one adult to each boat. Adult to be responsible for Juveniles under 19.

3. No Pleasure Boating will be permitted, boats reserved for anglers only.

4. The use of Drogues will be permitted.

5. The use of Anchors will be permitted. These will be provided with the boat. However, due to the varying depths of the Lough their use will be limited.

6. Boat anglers must give way to shore anglers. Shore anglers will be given precedence at all times.

7. Boat anglers may stand in the boats while fishing for short periods and while netting fish.

8. Designated departure and landing point will be the boat jetty only, with exceptions to this rule under Bailiffs instructions (See Rule 16).

9. One adult member of the original hire party to remain with the boat during the period of hire.

10. Anglers will be held responsible for all equipment hired and used. Life jackets will be provided with boat hire and it is strongly advised that the life jacket is worn at all times during the period of hire. Any deliberate or accidental inflation of life jackets must be reported immediately to the boat lodge attendant on duty. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

11. Fly fishing only from boats will be permitted.

12. Trolling of flies from the boat is prohibited.

13. Boat anglers must strictly observe the time limits as set out on their period of hire, i.e. the boat must not leave the boat jetty prior to commencement time and must moor to the boat jetty no later than the stated finishing time.

14. Anglers will be responsible for ensuring that their boats are left clean and litter free at the end of each hire period.

15. The use of electric fish finding equipment is prohibited.

16. If required, a boat must return to the shore at any point if so requested by a Bailiff or Club Officer.

17. The wearing of chest waders in boats is permitted.

Note:- Boat anglers should note that all other Corbet Lough Rules apply.

Anglers in breach of any of these rules may be cautioned. Club Membership Cards / Day Tickets may be retained and the matter referred to the Committee for any action deemed appropriate.

Fish Conservation and Protection of Water Quality

If an angler comes across illegal fishing activity or a water pollution incident on Club waters they should note the date, time, location, description of individuals involved, description of vehicles including vehicle registration numbers. Report illegal fishing activity and such incidents immediately to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) Inland Fisheries on 0800 807 060. Please also notify a Club Bailiff or a Committee Member.