Fishing Report – August 2018

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BAC The Linda Clinghan Shield at Corbet Lough on 11 August 2018 – Dan Tumilty 3rd, Henry McKnight 2nd and Roger McClements 1st

The month of August has seen the weather changing with lower temperatures and a bit more rain. You would think that these conditions would improve the fishing but if anything the fishing has been a bit more challenging since the start of the month. However anglers are still catching from the boat and the shore – just not as many fish as last month. On Thursday 9 August Stevie Rea took four fish to the boat in a few hours. On Friday 10 August Lance McCarthy had two fish to the boat and he missed a few. Lance was fishing a slow glass and cormorants just under the surface. On the same morning Brendan Downey had four fish to the boat also all on cormorants. However he was fishing a fast glass and getting the takes much deeper. On Saturday 11 August the Club’s competition anglers fished Corbet for the Linda Clinghan Shield (Adults) and Wilson Clinghan Cup (Juveniles). The competition was hard fishing with no fish showing and some anglers blanking. Two Juvenile anglers caught the bag limit. Imogen Johnston won the Wilson Clinghan Cup (Juveniles) with a great bag of fish weighing 2.38 lbs. Patrick Curran was 2nd with two good fish weighing 2.26 lbs. In the adult competition Roger McClements won the Linda Clinghan Shield with a brace of great fish weighing 3.359 lbs. Henry McKnight was 2nd and Dan Tumility was 3rd with bags of fish weighing 3.262 lbs and 2.998 lbs respectively. This competition showed that even World Cup winners can have a bad day. Geoff Hylands walked to near the bottom of the Lough only to realise that he had left his landing net in the car. He then had to endure a game of ‘hide and seek’ with a bull to get back up the Lough to get his net. Then on top of that he blanked. However he was very grateful to Davy McCandless for letting him net his fine fish. On Thursday 16 August 2018 Corbet regulars Gerard Lyness and Tom King had a good boat session with twelve fish to the boat. Roger Armstrong and his former Minister took a boat for a few hours fishing and they had nine nice fish. William Cochrane and Stephen Henry took a morning’s boat fishing and they had seven fish to the boat. On Saturday 25 August the Club’s juvenile anglers fished for The Corbet Cup. Patrick Curran won the Cup with a great bag of fish weighing 3.179 lbs, Imogen Johnston  was 2nd with a good brace of fish weighing 2.517 lb and Ellie Carson was 3rd with nice fish of 1 lb. The adults competed for The Jordan Cup. Colin Crothers won the Cup with a great brace of fish weighing 3.558 lbs, Paul McKinstry was 2nd and Leonard Ervine was 3rd with good bags of fish weighing 3.478 lbs and 2.636 lbs respectively. On Thursday 30 August Geoff Hylands and Damien Murtagh took a couple of hours boat fishing up to dusk. They each had four fish to the boat fishing a floater and flies just under the surface.