Arrangements for the Collection of Membership Fees 2021

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Dear Members,

We hope this message from the Directors finds you all well and in good spirts in the run up to the new angling season commencing 01 March 2021.

By now you should have received the Club’s Annual News Journal 2021 and as detailed within due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in place we were unable to hold our usual Annual General Meeting at the end of January. This has been postponed until it is safe once again to convene such a meeting.

The current elected Club Committee from January 2020 will remain in place until a new AGM can be held with day-to-day club matters being over seen by the Club’s Directors to keep business operating in so far is reasonably practical under the current circumstances.

On the subject of Directors, the current Directors are also delighted to report that three current members have agreed to accept appointment as new Directors.  These three members are all long standing members of Banbridge Angling Club, have all held Committee/Office positions for a considerable number of years and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in strengthening the Club and its future direction.

These members are Roger McClements, Sam Grant and William Cochrane.  We thank them for stepping forward and very much look forward to working closely together in the many challenges the Club faces going forward.

Our News Journal 2021 was prepared and had gone to print on the eve of the current lockdown being extended, however on making plans for the Fee collection period, being the last two weeks in February 2021, we had worked on the principal that, ‘Plan A’, would allow us to run the fee collection in the usual format with various COVID measures being implemented to ensure the safety of all.  Now as we know, current local Government regulations have extended the lockdown period into March, therefore we propose to put our ‘Plan B’ into action in that we are asking all members to renew their fees by post by returning their Club Card, cheque or Postal Order for the required amount along with a stamped addressed envelope to the Club House at, 2a Kiln Lane, Havelock Park, Lurgan Road, Banbridge, Co. Down, BT32 4PD.  (If it is more convenient, you may hand post your documents at the Club House post box.)  All postal/hand delivered renewals must be received no later than 12:00 noon on Saturday 27 February 2021 to avoid incurring a £10 late payment levy.  The Club House will not be opened for Club Fee renewals.

Full details of Club Fee renewals for the 2021 season are included in the current News Journal which can also be viewed on the Club’s Web site –

The purchase of Rod Licences is also covered in the News Journal.

We would ask all members to be patient with Club officials over the fee renewal period.  This arrangement is new to us as well and we will do our utmost to ensure that Membership cards are returned promptly.   

May I end by asking all members to remain vigilant as COVID is still a real danger to our health and well-being.

Please adhere to all COVID-19 and local government guidelines when on club waters.

Tight lines.

The Directors Banbridge Angling Club on behalf of the Committee